ISO Certification or Accreditation Process

Here is the (simplified) process of achieving Certification or Accreditation once your QMS is complete.  
See our Registrar Resource Center for more details.


Step Details

We’ve simplified this for you: Registration Quote provides a complete list of Registrars.

We recommend that you interview at least three.

Complete Questionnaire Each CB will have their own application.

Read: Selecting a Registrar, then come back to this page.

We’ve provided a free checklist to help you interview your registrars.

Confirm Application You will enter into a three (3) year contract with the registrar which outlines the obligations, liability, confidentiality and access rights. They will perform a registration audit in Year 1 and 2 surveillance audits.
1st Stage Assessment(Optional) An initial review of the system provides an opportunity to identify potential nonconformances. It allows the registrar to assess any issues before the actual assessment audit.
Document Review
(Desk Audit)
The CB reviews your quality manual and procedures against the requirements of the standard.
Prepare Yourself for the
Registration Audit
Before your auditor arrives, you should: (FREE Preparation Checklist)
Know your standard and how it works in your organization
Understand the audit plan and functional areas
Stay with the audit team as required
Don’t speak during personnel interviews unless requested
Act as witnesses for any audit findings
Keep the audit on schedule
Record follow-up actions
The auditor reviews to see that your QMS is being followed.
They will issue a report, and if they find nonconformances you will need to take action and correct them.
The number of days for the audit is based upon ISO 17021
Corrective Actions if Necessary
Completing ISO Registration After all of the findings are put into the audit report and nonconformities are addressed, your company has the option to register as ISO 9001 conformant. You will receive a certificate and can also be listed in a register, which the company can use to publicize its registration and use in advertising.
Surveillance Audits The registrar will return (at least) annually to make sure your organization is still meeting the requirements.